After 30 years of practice, I still have a strong desire to help people heal, and realize their inner strength and resilience. I am committed to helping you bring more meaning into your life through rewriting your narrative. My desire is to provide insights, tools, strategies that are empirically-sound and practical to implement in your daily life.

You have a remarkable story

My name is Melissa Higgins, Founder and Owner of the Center for Therapy and Counseling Services

Mental Health

Your Remarkable Story

Mental Health

Welcome to my blog! Thank you so much for stopping by! You are welcome here. This blog, Your Remarkable Story, will contain content about mental health and wellness, relationships, awareness, individual therapy, couple therapy, family therapy, parenting, group therapy, post-traumatic growth, autism, teens, children and our incredibly skilled therapists. You may think that the blog includes […]

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Our podcast, “Your Remarkable Story”, is available on Spotify, Apple and Google

In the “Your Remarkable Story” podcast, we discuss mental well-being, relationships, strengthening connections, resilience, coping mechanisms, positive changes and more. Don't miss this!


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